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SUNDE provides desktop virtualization solutions with zero clients to help customers cut cost and complexity of desktop computing.
SUNDE Terminal Services solution provides a simple-to-deploy and low cost means to virtual desktop implemenation. It extends the Windows or Linux system of a physical host into multiple virtual desktops by virualizing multiple independent user accounts and enables up to 40 users to share uptapped resources of a single host PC/server, while providing a full PC experience.

SUNDE VDI solution is intended to deliver the full capablities of a native Windows desktop to users, by which each user has his/her own copy of operating system for personalization. SUNDE VDI delivers an extremely high performance virtual desktop for users including rich multi-media, full screen 1080P streaming video and Flash, dynamic graphics, and seamless responsiveness.

SUNDE hardware devices are called zero clients because they have no extra software, drivers, operating systems, CPU, power supply or memory but only contain the necessary hardware to initialize a conversation with the network, begin network protocol processes, and display server output. They centralize all software, processing and management to just what is running on the server, leaving little more than a keyboard and monitor at a user’s desk. They are highly impacted, simple and small devices that weigh less than 300g and consume only 5 watts when fully active and under 0.2 watts when in sleep mode when fully active.
You can use an Ethernet cable to connect them to the switch hub or router hub or even directly to the host with a static IP. You then plug in your existing screen, mouse and keyboard and you're ready to go.
SUNDE optional desktop solutions provide customers with greater security, manageability, reliability, and lower costs from consolidating and virtualizing desktops.

Improved Efficiency Green Credential and Lower Costs
  • A new workstation can be set up in less than 15 minutes compared to hours or days for a traditional workstation
  • onsolidating desktops onto shared server hardware gives users more cost-effective peak computing resources with much greater utilization levels overall.
  • Helpdesk IT technicians can perform tasks from within the data centre, eliminating the need to travel to the user's location trouble-shooting. Problem resolution will be quicker as everything is located within the data centre.
  • Zero Clients use less electricity than a desktop computer. Users can deploy Zero Client to reduce carbon footprint and save money in power costs.
  • Centralized virtual desktop images can easily and quickly be monitored, backed up and recovered, and patched or upgraded. One support technician can handle 5 times as many users compared to PC users.
  • Server based services can be controlled and used more efficiently e.g. load balancing and shutting off virtual machines whilst not in use.
    Higher utilization rates with centralized hardware upgrades and software licensing can be achieved.
  • More scalable management by storing and managing thousands of virtual desktop images on fewer centralized physical servers, accessed from a single management console.
  • As the VDI desktop client lasts longer, refresh is typically 7-10 years, compared to 4-5 years for a traditional desktop. This can save both on purchase cost and replacement parts but also on warranty fees, user downtime and IT staff productivity.
  • The endpoint’s connection to the virtual desktop can be suspended at any location and then immediately resumed from any other endpoint without any interruption of applications or open files – such as when moving from your office to a conference room – users can quickly access resume work at any location.


Improved security and data integrity Better productivity
  • There is no local PC storage device - data is centrally stored within the data centre. Data loss stemming from both hardware failures and from the loss or theft of PCs and laptops can be eliminated.
  • Configuration of desktop resources (memory, applications and storage) can be modified more quickly, with no interruption to the end-user or any need to travel to a user’s location or to round-trip ship a computer for upgrading.
  • Strong security management, monitoring and control over clients and network transmissions ensure compliance with data security and records retention policies.
  • There is no user-training required as the experience is exactly the same as a traditional PC.
  • Server based computing improves a company’s ability to use resources as a common pool.


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